Our Pastor


Over 4 years ago, Pastor Mike Schooley and his family moved back to upstate to NY in order to start a church. Mike and Jeanna grew up in upstate New York, Mike graduated from West High School, Jeanna from Corning Christian Academy in Corning, NY. After High School Mike went on to graduate from Philadelphia Biblical University where he grew in his faith, and where his heart to reach and disciple people began to take shape. After graduating from collegel, God led Mike back to upstate NY to be a youth pastor at a church in Elmira for a few years. It was a life changing time where Mike saw a huge need for churches that wanted to make a difference in the community and really to do what it takes to reach people.

It was during this period that Mike and Jeanna finally married and began their journey together. In 2000, God called Mike and Jeanna to a church in Chambersburg, PA, where Mike served as an associate pastor leading the youth ministry, starting a worship service geared toward reaching young people along with a variety of other things. Mike and Jeanna spent 6 years in Chambersburg, where they saw many young people grow in their faith, and developed some incredible friendships. But during those 6 years, the idea of starting a church began to grow in their hearts. As they prayed and searched for what God wanted for them, they kept coming back starting a church in upstate NY that would see people come into a relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in their faith, and really experience the life God has designed them for. We are about “LEADING PEOPLE TO ABUNDANT LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST”

It has been a great journey with God, and we look forward to seeing what God has in store for HIGHER HOPE CHURCH!

And a few other things you might find interesting:

Favorite Movie:
Lord of the Rings

Embarressing Moment:
When I was in High School I was trying to impress a girl at Burger King, so I thought it would be cool to slide over the car like in Dukes of Hazard, (why I thought that would be cool I have no idea), what I failed to realize that there was a girl in the car who liked me who was in the drivers seat. As I was ready to make my landing on the top of the car, she put the car in reverse and hit the gas, and I hit the pavement. I don’t think I impressed the girl.

Where Jeanna and I were engaged:
Harris Hill

Favorite Quote:
“The greatest mistake you can make in life is the fear of making one.”

*Start a church in Elmira

*Go to Hawaii with Jeanna

*Travel around the country with Eli and Aidan watching baseball games at various ball parks

*Seeing my kids grow up to be radical followers of Jesus Christ

*Take some radical steps of FAITH

Favorite Verse:
Romans 8:31-32 What can I say in response to this if God is for us who can be against us? He who did not spare his own son, but gave Him up for us all. How will he not also graciously give us all things.

Favorite activities:
Any sports, playing catch with my kids, coaching my kids, dates with Jeanna

Greatest memories:
Vacations with Jeanna, and some of the amazing things that God has done at Higher Hope Church!